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At GAIN Equine Nutrition we take great care and attention in formulating and producing the best horse feed for every horse. We constantly strive for highest quality standards in everything we do, from sourcing quality ingredients to the training and development of our expert team.

Gain Equine Nutrition

Foal Pellets

GAIN Foal Pellets are nutrient dense pellets ideal for supplementing the diet of the very young foal. They are highly concentrated hence the feeding rates are very low; ideal for the developing stomach/gastrointestinal tract.

Youngstock Cubes

GAIN Young Stock Cubes are a nutrient dense cube suitable as a pre and post weaning diet for foals as well as for growing yearlings and preparing weanlings and also for foals and yearlings being prepared for show or sale. They contain a very similar specification to the Young Stock mix i.e. high quality trace mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content but are slightly lower in starch due to the higher fibre level in the cube.

Stud Cubes

Stud Cubes are a high specification product suitable for all types of breeding stock from broodmares in pregnancy and lactation, stallions, foals, weanlings and yearlings. They contain high energy levels which come from a combination of cereals, super fibres and oil giving an overall moderate starch level.
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Youngstock Mix

GAIN Young Stock Mix is a very palatable muesli containing highly digestible cereals, quality proteins and an excellent trace mineral and vitamin specification. It is suitable to be fed to foals pre and post weaning and also to yearlings/young stock being prepared for show or sale. Gradual introduction to the product is essential especially if the foal has not previously had access to a concentrate diet.

Stud Mix

Similar in specification to the Stud Cubes, Stud Mix is suitable for all types of breeding stock from broodmares in pregnancy and lactation, stallions, foals, weanlings and yearlings. Stud Mix contains slightly higher cereal content versus the Stud Cubes and hence has overall higher starch content.

Easy Go Cubes

Easy Go Cubes are similar to Cool ‘N’ Easy Mix in that they contain moderate energy levels and are oat free. However, the overall cereal content of Easy Go cubes is much lower than Cool ‘N’ Easy giving a very low starch level.

Hi Grade Horse & Pony Cubes

Hi-Grade Horse & Pony Cubes represents a step up in terms of protein, energy and overall trace mineral and vitamin specification. This product suits performance horses in harder work or those that are not holding enough condition when being fed a lower energy product. This product contains a good combination of cereals and ‘super fibres’ and hence has moderate starch levels.

Cool 'n' Easy Mix

Cool 'N' Easy is a competition standard moderate energy feed that is one of GAIN's biggest sellers in Ireland. Cool 'N' Easy are fed everywhere from leisure riders to Grand Prix showjumpers; as with sport horses so much depends on individual metabolism. It contains all the nutritionally advanced ingredients and what also makes it so popular amongst horses, ponies and their owners is that it is extremely palatable.

14% Equine Cooked Mix

Although this product sits in the blue Sport and Leisure Range of GAIN Equine Nutrition feeds, due to its high specification and elevated trace mineral and vitamin levels it has a more widespread application outside of riding and performance horses. This is a high energy feed that contains 14% protein, making it suitable for high performing sport horses and ponies.

Gain Sport 10 Mix

Sport 10 Mix is a high specification oat free, low protein performance mix suitable for High-performance horses, Eventers, Showjumpers and Trotters.

Equestrian Cubes

Equestrian Cubes are a 12% protein feed with moderate energy levels. By the nature of them being a cube they are more fibrous in nature versus the Competition 12% Mix and hence contain a lower starch level. They contain good oil, trace mineral and vitamin levels

12% Competition Mix

12% Competition Mix is suitable for many scenarios from leisure to competition riding, pre-training of racehorses, wintering store horses and can be used as a maintenance diet for broodmares outside of peak lactation and the last 3 months of pregnancy where they require a higher specification product

Elite 10 Cubes

Elite 10 Cubes are a low protein, high energy, high nutrient specification feed suitable for many categories of horses from those competing across various equestrian disciplines such as showjumping, dressage, eventing, working hunter and other show classes to racing and point to pointing.

Prep & Condition Mix

GAIN Prep ‘N’ Condition Mix is a highly palatable coarse mix designed to promote top line condition and weight gain across all types of horses from yearlings being prepared for show or sale to horses in training, point-to-pointers, breeding stallions, broodmares to horses and ponies competing in all equestrian sport disciplines.

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