Coolstance Copra

Non-Heating Horse Feed


Premium Coconut (Copra) Meal. Chemical and GMO-Free.

  • The only low NSC, high-energy, GMO-free feed in the world.
  • Safe to feed all types of horses including insulin resistance, Laminitis, EPSM, ESM and Cushings.
  • A truly non-heating feed.

CoolStance Copra is a premium horse feed made from the white part of coconuts. Through a process of drying, baking, and grounding, we create a highly palatable and totally natural meal, free from chemicals and GMOs.

CoolStance provides the horse with COOL and TRAINABLE energy without the “fizz”.

The Power of Coconut Oil: Coconut oil CoolStance is rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT), making it a stable and non-rancid source of energy for your horse. Unlike unsaturated oils, like linseed, soya, and rice bran oil, which are absorbed slowly via the lymphatics to the liver, MCTs are easier to digest, quickly absorbed into the portal blood and transported to the liver. This unique behaviour provides your horse with readily available, non-glucose energy, delivering a cool and trainable boost without the unwanted “fizz.”

The Benefits of CoolStance Copra: Most horses love the taste of CoolStance, and for good reason. With its high-quality protein content and coconut oil’s assistance in maintaining a healthy coat, CoolStance proves to be a winning combination. Moreover, it contains less than 11% NSC (sugar and starch), offering a high digestible energy content, making it suitable for horses with metabolic disorders such as tying-up, laminitis, or excitable behaviour.

Why Feeding a Mash is Beneficial: In the UK and Europe, we would recommend feeding CoolStance wet or damp. Horses in these countries are subjected to damper pasture, higher rainfall, and softer hay. Consequently, our horses produce less saliva when eating. Feeding CoolStance wet, is a great way of ensuring your horse has access to a greater water intake. Furthermore helping rehydration. What’s more, it will help with dust irritation.

Suitable for All Horses and Ponies: CoolStance Copra caters to a wide range of equines. Its low NSC content makes it an ideal choice for horses and ponies prone to Laminitis, EMS, Cushings, or other metabolic disorders. Additionally, its non-heating properties make it safe for horses on box rest or engaged in light work. CoolStance can serve as the base of any feed or complement a balanced diet to promote condition and weight gain.

Perfect for Performance and Gastric Health: Owners with horses in hard work will appreciate CoolStance’s benefits as a readily available source of energy. The Lauric acid in coconut oil provides added advantages for horses with or prone to gastric ulcers, thanks to it being associated with having antimicrobial, antiviral and immune-boosting effects. For enhanced protection, CoolStance can be combined with Ulcabuf.

How Does CoolStance Help Recovery: Due to CoolStance containing virtually no starch, it will not cause stress-related disorders such as tying up or excitable behaviour, resulting in quicker recovery after high-intensity work.  There is also evidence to show that the fats in coconut oil are broken down more quickly than those in other oils and fats.  This helps to reduce lactic acid in the horse’s muscles and can help with endurance and recovery.

The Final Touch for Balanced Nutrition: As CoolStance is not a complete feed, we recommend using VitaStance Vitamin and Mineral mix  or VitaStance B1 Cool Mix in combination with CoolStance to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet for your horse.

Rest assured, CoolStance is completely free of prohibited substances, and we consistently perform batch testing and aflatoxin testing regulated by FEMAS, ensuring the highest quality standards. Trust CoolStance Copra as the natural, reliable choice for your equine companion’s health and performance

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