J Grennan & Sons is a family owned Agri-trading business. We have been involved in farming for many generations and in Agri Trading since 1878. Our core business is the manufacturing and distribution, at both wholesale and retail level of Animal Feeds, Farm Fertilisers and Agricultural Seeds. The retailing and wholesaling of Agrochemicals, Farm Hardware and Farm Plastics are also integral parts of our business.

J Grennan Nugget feed

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Horse & Pony Crunch 12% MIX

  • High quality Oat based, moderate energy-level mix intended for leisure horses and ponies.
  • Specially selected ingredients deliver a slow release of energy for sustained performance.
  • Contains optimum level of high quality digestible fibre to prevent animals laying down excessive fat.
  • Only the highest quality oats are sourced and included in this mix along with Yeassac live yeast to maintain a healthy hindgut.
  • Contains the high quality protein source, Soya Bean which supplies the essential amino acids to enhance muscle tone.
  • All essential minerals are included as standard to ensure optimal health, shine and vitality.


Pedigree Lamb Crunch

  • This feed is extremely palatable due to the inclusion of toasted ingredients (maize, barley, peas, beans).
  • Will maximise early intakes and growth rates in young lambs.
  • Can be fed right through to slaughter at 12 to 15 weeks, but ideally lambs should be switched over to Lamb Crunch Follower or Elite lamb pellets once intakes are satisfactory.

Super Ewe & Lamb Nut 18%

  • Our most popular diet for ewes pre and post lambing
  • Top class energy dense nut for in-lamb ewes where pregnancy is limiting dry matter intakes shortly before lambing and for lactating ewes with high quality proteins to boost both quality and yield of colostrum and milk for suckling lambs.
  • Formulated to 18% Cr. Protein, it is a highly digestible feedstuff, packed full of every nutrient the ewe needs.
  • Contains rumen degradable proteins and rumen by-pass proteins to optimise lamb birth weights.

High Energy Beef 16 Nuts

  • High cereal diet complemented with high levels of protein to help lay down new muscle and grow a good sized frame
  • 16% crude protein, Over 40% cereals
  • Ideal for all growing beef cattle over 6months such as weanlings, yearlings and stores.
  • Contains live yeast to help improve digestion and optimise rumen health
  • Contains *Grennans Bovine + Yeassac Beef Mineral & Vitamin pack to supply all essential minerals and vitamins required to support rapid growth of muscle and bone

Super Grow Calf Nuts

  • Our Market Leader in calf feeds
  • A high energy highly digestible calf nut designed to maximise live-weight gain
  • Can be used as a starter right up to 6 months
  • Highly palatable nut that ensures excellent intakes
  • Formulated to 18% crude protein using high quality protein sources such as Soya Bean and Golden Distillers essential for muscle and bone growth
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package which contains a unique blend of live yeast which further improves digestion and feed efficiency 

Wonder Thrive with LungBooster+

LungBooster is a completely natural feed additive that has been shown to be very effective in helping prevent and reduce the effects of a variety of respiratory and digestive challenges in calves.

What does it do?
• It breaks down the mucous that builds up in the airways of infected animals and promotes its rapid expulsion from the lungs and nasal passage.
• This clears the airways and greatly reduces the potential for further and or prolonged respiratory infections such as pneumonia.
• Our LungBooster+ delivers the additional benefits of also helping prevent some diseases of the gut such as Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis.

Mayo Healthcare 

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All Guard Ewe 4 in 1 Bolus

  • ALL GUARD EWE 4 IN 1 is a slow release multi Trace Element bolus containing Cobalt, Iodine, Selenium & Zinc.


All Guard 5 in 1 Bolus

ALL GUARD EWE 5 IN 1 is a slow release multi Trace Element bolus containing Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Selenium & Zinc.

Monoshield Lamb Colostrum

MONOSHIELD LAMB COLOSTRUM is a premium lamb colostrum with novel iodopher MonoShield.

Calf Colostrum

CALF COLOSTRUM is an easy mixing premium calf colostrum.

Redmills Agri Feed

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17% No.3 Bull/Calf Creep Feed

  • Steam cooked maize, barley and oats.
  • Steam cooked peas, soyabeans and soya opil.
  • Beet pulp and quality proteins.
  • Consistent formulation intake and performance.
  • 1 week to 4 months old.


16% No.2 Follow-on Calf Cooked Mix

  • Introduce at approximately 1 month of age.
  • Steam cooked cereals and proteins.
  • Excellent palatability.
  • All produts packaged in convenient, durable polythene bags.

17% No.2 Lamb Creep Feed

  • High quality muesli suitable for all categories of sheep.
  • Recommended for pedigree and commercial lambs/hoggets/rams being intensively fed.
  • Very popular and successful cooked feed, chosen by many top pedigree sheep breeders.
  • Contains cooked soyabeans, peas, barley and maize.

 16% No.4 Weanling/Cattle Cooked Mix

  • A complementary feedingstuff for finishing and store cattle, dry cows, weanlings and bulls. Suitable for ad-lib feeding systems. Introduce gradually.
  • Steam cooked maize and barley.
  • Steam cooked beans.
  • Quality proteins and soya oil.
  • Excellent palatability and intakes.

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